Escape of the Week: Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas has always held a special place in my heart. I remember the first time I ever went to Vegas, fresh off of my ninth grade year in high school. My father drove us down past Fremont Street and the glittering lights and seeing Vegas Vic welcoming visitors to town with an armContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Downtown Las Vegas”

Daily Wanderlust: Bullets and Bosnia

From memorials like the one in Berlin to museums in Rwanda to simply a pock-marked building telling the tales of those who were silenced … images like these haunt my mind. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the remnants of war can be found in many places. Even in the heart of Sarajevo, there are stories to be toldContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Bullets and Bosnia”

Daily Wanderlust: The White House Squirrel

Growing up in Maryland, my dad always made it a point to take my brother and me on “adventures.” These could be anything from sitting at the Metro station on a bench and watching the planes take off from National Airport to checking out all of the museums, to walking down the Potomac when theContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: The White House Squirrel”

The charm and quirk of Louisville, Kentucky

“Louisville is so cute!” I coo to Erica as we drive through the giant, tree-lined streets. “It reminds me of Atlanta!” While totally out of the way on our road trip, I included Louisville on the route for two reasons: one, because one of my good friends live there; and two, because it was aContinue reading “The charm and quirk of Louisville, Kentucky”

Daily Wanderlust: the DC Metro

Travel was instilled in me at a very young age. Growing up 20 minutes from Washington, DC, meant there was always something to do, always something to see. I was very fortunate to have a family that wanted me to see the world around me. On weekends, my dad would bundle up my brother andContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: the DC Metro”

Up-close with elephants: a photo essay of life with a herd

// // <![CDATA[ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]> Thick, leathery gray legs covered with a layer of thick, wet, chocolate-colored dirt, surround me. At first, I am apprehensive. On all sides of me are six-ton elephants. Capable of plowing me over. I look over to Lek, the founder of Elephant Nature Park, withContinue reading “Up-close with elephants: a photo essay of life with a herd”

Escape of the Week: Outdoor Art in Prague

Prague, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a smorgasbord of style ranging from renaissance to gothic to baroque, contemporary and more. It’s easy to spend days just wandering the city, taking in the hundreds of churches with spires that pierce the skyline, the colorful buildings on quaint tree-lined streets, theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Outdoor Art in Prague”

Escape of the Week: Radovljica, Slovenia

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Dayna at Wanderlusting. Do you have an Escape of the Week you’d like to contribute? Let me know! Dtravelsround [at] gmail [dot] com. Your Escape could be the next Escape! I expected to enjoy Slovenia.  A year ago, I looked up photos and videos of Lake Bled, theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Radovljica, Slovenia”

Escape of the Week: Sintra, Portugal

A quick train ride from Lisbon lies the hilltop town of Sintra. It’s a quaint little town that conjures up memories of times when fairytales were quite possibly real, with its maze-like cobblestone streets, castles and palaces. Once the summer home of Portugal’s kings, today Sintra offers a place for history buffs to roam theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Sintra, Portugal”

Escape of the Week: Brela, Croatia

It’s no secret I love Croatia. It is what sparked my blog, it is what sparked my desire to quit my job and head out to explore more of the world. When I booked my long-term travel, I knew I wanted Croatia to be where I would end my trip. There is something magical aboutContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Brela, Croatia”