Daily Wanderlust: Portugal

Portugal, on first-glance, looks a bit worn around the edges. A bit tattered from the Atlantic Ocean air whipping against its old buildings. But, it also offers a warmth I’ve never seen before. Doors, walls, entire buildings, offer such character and life. There were plenty of times during my visit to Portugal (when I wasn’tContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Portugal”

Escape of the Week: Sintra, Portugal

A quick train ride from Lisbon lies the hilltop town of Sintra. It’s a quaint little town that conjures up memories of times when fairytales were quite possibly real, with its maze-like cobblestone streets, castles and palaces. Once the summer home of Portugal’s kings, today Sintra offers a place for history buffs to roam theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Sintra, Portugal”

Escape of the Week: The Colors of Portugal

I spent time in Portugal, but not quality time. Mostly because I was sick. And, then I was drunk , and then I was hungover. Fortunately, there was at least one good day in the middle of my 10 or so days in the country when I was moderately healthy and totally sober. I metContinue reading “Escape of the Week: The Colors of Portugal”

Seeking solitude in the Algarve

This is a guest post by Kirk Shackleton. The Algarve has never really held much of an attraction for me.  I prefer to risk twisting my ankle off the beaten path, which is something I always assumed would be difficult on Portugal’s well-trodden southern crust. In my mind, I imagined a canvas painted with horizontalContinue reading “Seeking solitude in the Algarve”

The otherside of the Atlantic Ocean

Covered in sunscreen (SPF 30) and armed with my book and a sheet to layout, I headed to the beach. The sky looked a bit threatening that morning … teetering between sun and clouds and sunny with clouds, so I wasn’t sure if a beach day was even possible. But, I had to make itContinue reading “The otherside of the Atlantic Ocean”