Help yourself to a Slice of Swedish Hospitality

The little blond two-year-old boy with an angelic face lifts his little arms up to me, motioning for a hug. We’ve only met a couple of hours ago, but in the short time I’ve managed to secure more high fives than normal and gotten those adorable little kid giggles to come from him. A smileContinue reading “Help yourself to a Slice of Swedish Hospitality”

Getting naked in Sweden

// // <![CDATA[ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]> My name is D and I used to be, as one friend put it, “a big, girlie prude.” Never would I think of even taking off my shirt in a public, or semi-public place. In fact, when I first stopped at the baths in Budapest,Continue reading “Getting naked in Sweden”

Adventures in the Baltic Sea: a paddle boarding story

Michael, my stand-up paddle board instructor from Lomma Beach House, grips the front of my board, chest-deep in water. “You’re going to stand again,” he promises. “Come on.” I don’t want to do this. “Really? I’m fine not …” I assure him. “No. Stand up,” he suggests. “Put one leg underneath your body.” I doContinue reading “Adventures in the Baltic Sea: a paddle boarding story”

Driving in Sweden

I roll the keys to the Volvo over and over in my hand, laughing nervously as the Hertz customer service agent explains the car to me. I haven’t drive in Europe since Romania. And that … that was just awful steering wheel death grips and praying for survival. I’ve been traveling for nearly 24 hoursContinue reading “Driving in Sweden”