“Witty, fun …”| Viator Travel Awards, 2011 Top 25 Travel Blogs

“The pictures are stunning, and the text compelling, leaving you hungry for more.”|Rickshaw Travel, Top Travel Bloggers

“Quite an energetic voice and attitude and her website transpires life, passion and willingness to do good.”| Ten Mania, It’s a Big World: 50 Travel Bloggers to Follow

“ … An inspiration to the travel industry.”|

Features | Print

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The Incredible Shrinking Hotel Room, USA Today, 9/18/15

Adventures Less Ordinary, edited by Ethan Gelber

The Long-Term Traveler’s Guide: Going Longer, Cheaper, and Living Your Dream, by Jeremy Jones

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Travel Show, KPAM, Portland, Oregon 020913dianaedelman

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The Ethics of Riding an Elephant, Not Without My Passport, 7/5/2016

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