Daily Wanderlust: The White House Squirrel

Growing up in Maryland, my dad always made it a point to take my brother and me on “adventures.” These could be anything from sitting at the Metro station on a bench and watching the planes take off from National Airport to checking out all of the museums, to walking down the Potomac when the cherry blossoms were pink and snowing down on us.

As a child, he even took us on a tour of The White House and Senate, where we got to take the underground train to a special dining room where all of the Congress people eat.

It was really cool growing up in place that was in such close proximity to the nation’s capital.

When I returned to Maryland after my road trip through Zion, the Rocky Mountains, Omaha, Chicago and Louisville, taking Erica to see DC was a must.

On this day, we parked it outside the iron fence and looked onto the grounds of The White House. Here, this little guy enjoys a snack on one of the most famous lawns in the world. Hello, photobomb.

A squirrel photobombs the White House lawn


Daily Wanderlust: the DC Metro

Travel was instilled in me at a very young age. Growing up 20 minutes from Washington, DC, meant there was always something to do, always something to see.

I was very fortunate to have a family that wanted me to see the world around me.

On weekends, my dad would bundle up my brother and I and we’d head out on Adventures. These could be anything from taking the Metro down to the National Mall (a landmark I learned very quickly was not a shopping mall, but a vast expanse of land in the heart of the nation’s capitol) to sitting on the Metro platform watching planes take off from National (now Regan) Airport.

All of these adventures have one thing in common: we always took the Metro. Whether or not we were going to a national museum, to gaze at the cherry blossoms in April along the tidal basin of the Potomac, or simply to go to Union Station to see a movie, this mass transit option always makes me smile.