Escape of the Week: The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Endri of Trip and Travel Blog. If you have an Escape of the Week you would like to contribute, please send me a message. Thanks! There is an allure to Egypt – the hazy sun high in the blue sky, above a sea of desert and history.Continue reading “Escape of the Week: The pyramids of Giza, Egypt”

Escape of the Week: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Less than a two-hour drive from the rolling hills of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is Volcanoes National Park. Also known as Parc National des Volcans, it spans 77-miles in the Virunga Mountains. Bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, Volcanoes National Park is made up of lush rainforests, volcanoes … and gorillas. It was the firstContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda”

Escape of the Week: Outdoor Art in Prague

Prague, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a smorgasbord of style ranging from renaissance to gothic to baroque, contemporary and more. It’s easy to spend days just wandering the city, taking in the hundreds of churches with spires that pierce the skyline, the colorful buildings on quaint tree-lined streets, theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Outdoor Art in Prague”

Escape of the Week: Radovljica, Slovenia

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Dayna at Wanderlusting. Do you have an Escape of the Week you’d like to contribute? Let me know! Dtravelsround [at] gmail [dot] com. Your Escape could be the next Escape! I expected to enjoy Slovenia.  A year ago, I looked up photos and videos of Lake Bled, theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Radovljica, Slovenia”

Escape of the Week: Sintra, Portugal

A quick train ride from Lisbon lies the hilltop town of Sintra. It’s a quaint little town that conjures up memories of times when fairytales were quite possibly real, with its maze-like cobblestone streets, castles and palaces. Once the summer home of Portugal’s kings, today Sintra offers a place for history buffs to roam theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Sintra, Portugal”

Escape of the Week: Brela, Croatia

It’s no secret I love Croatia. It is what sparked my blog, it is what sparked my desire to quit my job and head out to explore more of the world. When I booked my long-term travel, I knew I wanted Croatia to be where I would end my trip. There is something magical aboutContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Brela, Croatia”

Escape of the Week: London’s Big Ben

London’s Big Ben is recognized the world over. Located within the historic Palace of Westminster grounds, Big Ben is the name for the bell of the clock, but is also used to refer to the entire tower. Did you know it is the largest four-faced chiming clock and the third-tallest free-standing clock tower in the worldContinue reading “Escape of the Week: London’s Big Ben”

Escape of the Week: I amsterdam

“I amsterdam.” Travelers from all over the world, including yours truly, have made an obligatory pilgrimage to the site. After a particularly taxing day of medical scares, my friends and I made the trek to “I amsterdam.” Now known the world over, the “I amsterdam” installation was designed as more than a tourist attraction. DidContinue reading “Escape of the Week: I amsterdam”

Escape of the Week: Nevada’s Valley of Fire

About an hour outside of Las Vegas is the Valley of Fire. Dedicated in 1935, it is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. And, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. With a background of bright blue sky, the red sandstone formations are striking. They’ve been around since the daysContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Nevada’s Valley of Fire”

Escape of the Week: Birds on a Wire

I celebrated my one-year anniversary of returning to Las Vegas on October 30. Actually, the day came and went, and I didn’t even remember it’s been one year until today, but I digress. The day I caught the flight to Las Vegas from Maryland, I went through a photographing frenzy. As I drove to dropContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Birds on a Wire”