Offbeat Attractions in Amsterdam

It is easy to find things to do in Amsterdam. Guidebooks will always include the tried-and-true spots like Anne Frank House, Van Gough Museum, tulip market, canal boat tours, coffee shops, and more. But, what if you want to skip the crowds and check out some of the more fun, funky, and off-beat spots in this gorgeousContinue reading “Offbeat Attractions in Amsterdam”

#CityLove: The Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for a variety of things: it’s bike-friendly (OK, bike-heavy), the gorgeous canals and boat rides to take, the cultural attractions like the Anne Frank House, the festivals, and — let’s be real — the marijuana tourism. There are a few things to know before visiting this city, mainly that it isn’t soContinue reading “#CityLove: The Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam”

Daily Wanderlust: Amsterdam

Amsterdam and I have never really gotten along. After some moon-cake-related issues in 2002, when my best friends told me they were celebrating their wedding anniversary and one of their 30th birthdays in Amsterdam while I was abroad, I couldn’t say no to a meet-up in a city I hadn’t planned on. While I, naturally,Continue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Amsterdam”

Escape of the Week: I amsterdam

“I amsterdam.” Travelers from all over the world, including yours truly, have made an obligatory pilgrimage to the site. After a particularly taxing day of medical scares, my friends and I made the trek to “I amsterdam.” Now known the world over, the “I amsterdam” installation was designed as more than a tourist attraction. DidContinue reading “Escape of the Week: I amsterdam”


White widow. Northern Lights. Casey Jones. Joints. Spliffs. Pipes. Hash, hash … more hash. My eyes were wide. I had seen it all before, in the pretty glass case displays, but had forgotten. For anyone who enjoys a occassional puff of the wacky tobacky, being in Amsterdam is like being a kid in a candyContinue reading “Paranoia”

The city I hadn’t planned on

I sat in the lobby of Eden Hotel in Rembrandt Square, waiting patiently for B and N to walk through the rotating doors. It had been a long trip from Berlin, made longer by the fact that I was so excited to meet up with two of my best friends in the entire world. InContinue reading “The city I hadn’t planned on”