Escape of the Week: I amsterdam

“I amsterdam.”

Travelers from all over the world, including yours truly, have made an obligatory pilgrimage to the site. After a particularly taxing day of medical scares, my friends and I made the trek to “I amsterdam.”

Now known the world over, the “I amsterdam” installation was designed as more than a tourist attraction. Did you know it was created as a branding tool for the city? According to it’s Web site, it is designed to promote “Amsterdam’s promise, diversity and wealth of opportunity … “

While I was unaware of any of this when I visited the iconic red and white spot, I did notice how incredibly popular it was.

It didn’t capture my attention for too long … with a city full of really interesting museums, gorgeous parks and coffee shops, it was hard to keep me there beyond taking a few photos. I did think it was cool, and loved the way people could climb on the sign (as evidenced in this shot), but would I go again? Probably not.

Have you been to “I amsterdam?”  What was your experience there?

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10 thoughts on “Escape of the Week: I amsterdam

  1. As a Dutchman, I consider it a sign (as in street sign), a big sign yes. In some ways even a modern monument, not commemorating some event, but simply promoting the city. Like any famous monument tourists like to photograph it, and the fact that you can climb it and pose in all kinds of positions makes for some interesting photographs. But that’s it. A photo stop. And the location is actually perfect, between the Royal Museum and Van Gogh Museum, so it’s easily to combine with some real culture.


    1. You consider it a street sign? That is really interesting! When I was writing it, I had such a hard time giving it a definition … sculpture? landmark? Never thought to use street sign! You’re right — it is in a great location to combine with some real culture! Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  2. I am so happy that you like Amsterdam :-). I am from Amsterdam, but I’m on a round the world trip now and I love reading stories about my hometown :-). Thank you so much!


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