#CityLove: The Best Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

The best coffee shops in Amsterdam -- add them to your list! via http://www.dtravelsround.com/2015/06/20/citylove-the-best-coffee-shops-in-amsterdam/
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Amsterdam is known for a variety of things: it’s bike-friendly (OK, bike-heavy), the gorgeous canals and boat rides to take, the cultural attractions like the Anne Frank House, the festivals, and — let’s be real — the marijuana tourism.

There are a few things to know before visiting this city, mainly that it isn’t so weed-friendly. Yes, there are coffee shops to go and sample the local goods, but smoking in public isn’t legal (and you can get in big trouble if you do) and having anything more than five ounces can land you in serious hot water. In fact, the topic of drug tourism in Holland has been a hot one lately, as the country made coffee shop owners choose between selling booze or pot. It resulted in many shops opting for selling alcohol, instead. But, drug tourism is still alive and well in the city.

There are just around 200 coffee shops in the city to choose from. But, some stand our more than others, not just for what they sell, but the atmosphere, too. Note: just because I’m telling you some coffee shops to check out, doesn’t mean I’m telling you to go and partake. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Amsterdam besides hit up the coffee shops. But, if you are going …

The best coffee shops to check out in Amsterdam via http://www.dtravelsround.com/2015/06/20/citylove-the-best-coffee-shops-in-amsterdam/

The Famous Dampkring

This place got international recognition when it appeared in Ocean’s 12, and still gets packed. Fortunately, the prices haven’t been raised due to its notoriety. It’s got a nice selection of cannabis to choose from (some have said it has the best in town), and is a place to chill out and enjoy your time. The shop is a blend of Arabic, Buddhist and Bohemian design and offers plenty of cozy spots to try out the shop’s goods.

The Hot Spot

Perhaps the most popular coffee shop in Amsterdam, The Bulldog is located centrally, near plenty of Amsterdam hotels. While this brand happens to have more than one location, visit the one in Leidseplein if you are staying in the heart of the city. It’s got a large selection and knowledgeable staff to help you pick the perfect strand.

The Award-Winner

The Green House has certain bragging rights, namely that is has won 28 High Times Cannabis Cups. It’s reputation for the finest in town doesn’t disappoint. Located in the Red Light District, this spot is great for people-watching, too. Be sure to take a few minutes and check out the laundry list of celebs who have toked here, it’s impressive.

Get Spacey

In Amsterdam, often times they mix tobacco with marijuana, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, there are other options to try out the goodies. Enter Baba Coffee Shop. While most coffee shops offer edible forms of marijuana, this spot is known for its Space Cakes. Warning: don’t devour the whole thing in one sitting. Seriously. The shop is located on Warmoesstraat, one of the city’s oldest streets, and throws guests back to the 60s.

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