Offbeat Attractions in Sofia

Offbeat Attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria

Image via Flickr by George Palov

Bulgaria is a beautifully diverse country. With places to visit like the magnificent mountain town of Veliko Tarnovo, Black Sea city of Varna, and the capital, Sofia, it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything the country has to offer.

Located in the western part of Bulgaria, Sofia, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, is the most populous city in the country, with more than 1.2 million people.

While there are plenty of tourist highlights to keep a person busy, there are also some seriously fabulous offbeat attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria. Once you’ve checked into one of the many hotels in Sofia, head out the door and explore everything this town has to offer.


CityLove: Things to do on Ko Phi Phi

Things to do on Koh Phi Phi

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Robert Nyman

Thailand’s islands and beaches have long been romanticized as the place to go to experience the exotic, the beautiful. These spots, with limestone cliffs jutting out of the water, crystal clear sea, white beaches and, of course, the tropical hotels on Ko Phi Phi, influence people the world over to head here on their holidays. And, with good reason.

Aside from simply taking in the stunning beauty of the Thai islands, there is so much more beneath the surface (both figuratively and literally).


The Night of 10,000 Candles: Inside Pedraza’s La Noche de las Velas

A look at the Night of 10,000 Candles in Pedraza, Spain, also known as La Noche de las Velas
The Spanish countryside unfolds before me, vibrant greens, golden hills and that blue twilight sky that forever sears itself into memory.

Holding a glass of chilled white wine in my hand, I lean against the ancient stone wall of Pedraza, taking it all in.

It’s July 4th, Independence Day. Only, I’m thousands of miles from the fireworks.

However, the walled medieval city of Pedraza has its own fire on this sultry summer evening.

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CityLove: Free Things to do in Florence

Information about free things to do in Florence, including visiting the Duomo and a free walking tour.

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Runner310.

Florence is no doubt one of Italy’s most beautiful places. The capital of the Tuscan region, this city is the birthplace of the Reinassance and boasts stunning works of art and breathtaking architecture. But, after factoring in the cost of a Florence hotel, sipping delicious wine from the region and indulging in some of Italy’s finest foods, the wallet can take a hit. Even with the ever-dropping Euro, Florence can get pricey in terms of admission to museums like the Uffizi Gallery and more.

But, that shouldn’t stop anyone from planning a trip to this magnificent city. In fact, there are plenty of free activities in Florence that can add history, architecture, art and more to a holiday — without breaking the bank. There are plenty of free things to do in Florence.


Offbeat Attractions in Amsterdam

Offbeat attractions in Amsterdam

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Moyen Brenn

It is easy to find things to do in Amsterdam. Guidebooks will always include the tried-and-true spots like Anne Frank House, Van Gough Museum, tulip market, canal boat tours, coffee shops, and more. But, what if you want to skip the crowds and check out some of the more fun, funky, and off-beat spots in this gorgeous city?

It can most definitely be done.

While the main tourist attractions are worth a visit (I know the Anne Frank House brought tears to my eyes), there are plenty of other places worthy of checking out. Simply head out of your Amsterdam hotel and see what this city has to offer!


The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Madrid

Looking for the best place to watch the sunset in Madrid? Try the Temple of Debod:
Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year, in terms of sunlight, and also the first day of summer. I’ve never celebrated it before, because, really, it’s just never been important to me. But, I wake up Sunday morning and feel empty. It’s one of the side effects of starting a new life and just getting going. It’s an uphill battle to feel acclimated, and one I’m really not used to climbing.

I just need to do something for me.

For the past month, I have been overwhelmed. Filled with stress over acquiring my student visa for Spain, importing my cats from Thailand, feeling utterly lost and a myriad of other things. I’ve been hauled up in my flat, motionless as I try to sort out who I am, where I am and what the hell I am doing with my life.

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