Offbeat Attractions in Sofia

Bulgaria is a beautifully diverse country. With places to visit like the magnificent mountain town of Veliko Tarnovo, Black Sea city of Varna, and the capital, Sofia, it’s easy to get wrapped up in everything the country has to offer. Located in the western part of Bulgaria, Sofia, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, is the most populousContinue reading “Offbeat Attractions in Sofia”

CityLove: Things to do on Ko Phi Phi

Thailand’s islands and beaches have long been romanticized as the place to go to experience the exotic, the beautiful. These spots, with limestone cliffs jutting out of the water, crystal clear sea, white beaches and, of course, the tropical hotels on Ko Phi Phi, influence people the world over to head here on their holidays. And,Continue reading “CityLove: Things to do on Ko Phi Phi”

The Night of 10,000 Candles: Inside Pedraza’s La Noche de las Velas

The Spanish countryside unfolds before me, vibrant greens, golden hills and that blue twilight sky that forever sears itself into memory. Holding a glass of chilled white wine in my hand, I lean against the ancient stone wall of Pedraza, taking it all in. It’s July 4th, Independence Day. Only, I’m thousands of miles fromContinue reading “The Night of 10,000 Candles: Inside Pedraza’s La Noche de las Velas”

CityLove: Free Things to do in Florence

Florence is no doubt one of Italy’s most beautiful places. The capital of the Tuscan region, this city is the birthplace of the Reinassance and boasts stunning works of art and breathtaking architecture. But, after factoring in the cost of a Florence hotel, sipping delicious wine from the region and indulging in some of Italy’sContinue reading “CityLove: Free Things to do in Florence”

Offbeat Attractions in Amsterdam

It is easy to find things to do in Amsterdam. Guidebooks will always include the tried-and-true spots like Anne Frank House, Van Gough Museum, tulip market, canal boat tours, coffee shops, and more. But, what if you want to skip the crowds and check out some of the more fun, funky, and off-beat spots in this gorgeousContinue reading “Offbeat Attractions in Amsterdam”

The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Madrid

Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year, in terms of sunlight, and also the first day of summer. I’ve never celebrated it before, because, really, it’s just never been important to me. But, I wake up Sunday morning and feel empty. It’s one of the side effects of starting a new life and just getting going.Continue reading “The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Madrid”