Daily Wanderlust: St. Mark’s Basilica

Just beyond the two pillars marking the entrance to Venezia, or Venice, is the glorious St. Mark’s Basilica. Containing the remains of St. Mark, this church is considered to be one of the most important places in both Venice’s past and present.

Located next to the Perisan-influenced Doje’s Palace along the lagoon of the city, the Basilica, also known as Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco stands very different, boasting Italo-Byzantine architecture and gold mosaics dating back to the 1200s.

I’ve been to Venice before, but this was my first look at the gorgeous and magnificent church during my Walks of Italy St. Mark’s Basilica After Hours.

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Daily Wanderlust: Prague’s Wenceslas Square

It’s cold. And dark, even though it is nearly 11 a.m. in Czech Republic’s capital city. We’ve walked from the Muzeum tram stop in Prague down through the Wenceslas Square, one of the main (and absolutely magnificent squares) in the old town of Prague. Where we are going, we don’t know. But, we are drawn to this square, to the beauty it emits, and we’re in no rush to leave. Even if the damp hanging in the air chills our bones and the threat of rain drops looms over our heads.

This is Wenceslas Square, home to some historic moments in Prague’s long history.

In the Middle Ages, it was a horse market. Later in its existence, the proclamation of independence for Czechoslovakia was read here in 1918. It has been used for Nazi demonstrations, has been a victim of destruction during the Prague Uprising in 1945, has seen tragedy (a student set himself on fire to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion in 1968), triumph (it served as the place for celebration when the Czech team defeated the USSR in the ice hockey world championships in 1969), and so much more.


Daily Wanderlust: Rainbows in Koh Samui

Koh Samui can be described in one word: paradise.

Yes, this gorgeous island located in southern Thailand offers paradise to travelers in need of a break from the crowded Bangkok, the land-locked Chiang Mai or even the backpacker loop of SE Asia.

Here, you can unwind in adorable bungalows, sip exotic cocktails, party like you’re underage and just chill out. During my time in Samui, I chose to just chill, and let me say this: it was freaking awesome.


Daily Wanderlust: the streets of Bangkok

Despite the protests and travel warnings coming from many countries about Bangkok, I headed down south to the capital the other day for some family time.

As someone who comes to the city quite regularly — mostly for work since I have yet to really fall in love with what other see from this massive sprawl of skyscrapers and elevated highways and trains — there wasn’t much different, even with the political turmoil.

The same little street stalls crowded the sidewalks, the same trains rushed back and forth, packed with people … nothing really seemed different.

Until I heard the booming voice over a speaker. A protest. And, until I saw a large tent city erected by the water. And, the massive traffic that was pretty much halted on Sukhumvit.

Did I ever feel like my life was in danger? Nope. Not once.

Did I go near the protests? Not a chance.

But, would I return to Bangkok, even with what is going on? Absolutely.

There’s something about escaping from Chiang Mai and being in a big city that sends my blood pulsing and opens my eyes to wonder … and reminds me life exists very differently in other parts of Thailand.

This traffic? I’ve never seen anything like it in Chiang Mai!

A crowded street in Bangkok

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Daily Wanderlust: Downtown Frostburg

The Western Maryland college town of Frostburg charms me every time I go. It’s not just because my artist brother (M Edelman Art) lives there, but because the town is so quirky and teeny tiny (population in 2010 was just a smidgen over 9,000). Tucked into the Appalachians, the scenery is simply stunning with gentle mountains dotted with homes.

Downtown Frostburg, which began to pop up in the late 1800s, still holds tight to an historic vibe. Its easy to stroll Main Street and have the ghosts of the past walk by my side. And, I love that.

The historic Failingers Hotel Gunter was built in 1896. Unique to the property was a jail and a cock-fighting arena, and later a speakeasy during the Prohibition Era.

The historic Downtown Frostburg



Daily Wanderlust: the glitz of Fremont Street in Vegas

The now burgeoning Downtown Las Vegas has always been a favorite spot of mine. Throughout my time in Sin City, I have spent many a night (and day) hanging in a place where old clashes with new, young clash with old, in the most colorful of ways.

One thing I never get tired of? The neon lights of Fremont Street. While the rest of Vegas opts for less flashy, I love the tacky, bright way Old Vegas sticks in my mind … well after my life in Vegas has wrapped.

Fremont Street in Las Vegas


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