Daily Wanderlust: Storms on Samui

There is a gentle breeze in the air and dark, ominous clouds hovering over our heads as Paula and I make our way from the main loop road in Lamai down to the beach on one of Thailand’s biggest islands, Koh Samui.

“It definitely looks like it is going to rain,” we say to each other as we walk down a path that meanders between old bungalows and hand-painted signs.

When we arrive to Black Pearl Restaurant, I want to sit outside because I love the rain. And rain and the beach and palm trees all together? Well, it’s my version of heaven.

Unfortunately, the staff doesn’t agree and ushers us under the roof.

Over fruit shakes, and later, beer, I split my time between conversation with my friend and eyeing the horizon.

The rain comes, the rain goes, rainbows crawl across the clouds.. Then, as twilight sets in, the sea and sky being to dance together in a mix of blue and green and gray, creating one of the most spectacular visions I have ever seen.

Sure, it’s my last night in Samui, and that kinda makes me sad to leave paradise, but with this as one of the last images in my mind, it also cements its place in my heart.

Storm clouds in Koh Samui Thailand

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