Where squatting meets art at Ljubljana’s Metelkova

What do you get when you take away societal norms and merge like-minded individuals with art, music and an entire underground scene that can go entirely unnoticed to people should they not walk down Metelkova 3 Street in Ljubljana, the capital of the tiny Central European country of Slovenia? Answer: Metelkova. Located a quick walk fromContinue reading “Where squatting meets art at Ljubljana’s Metelkova”

Daily Wanderlust: St. Mark’s Basilica

Just beyond the two pillars marking the entrance to Venezia, or Venice, is the glorious St. Mark’s Basilica. Containing the remains of St. Mark, this church is considered to be one of the most important places in both Venice’s past and present. Located next to the Perisan-influenced Doje’s Palace along the lagoon of the city, theContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: St. Mark’s Basilica”

Daily Wanderlust: Prague’s Wenceslas Square

It’s cold. And dark, even though it is nearly 11 a.m. in Czech Republic’s capital city. We’ve walked from the Muzeum tram stop in Prague down through the Wenceslas Square, one of the main (and absolutely magnificent squares) in the old town of Prague. Where we are going, we don’t know. But, we are drawnContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Prague’s Wenceslas Square”

Daily Wanderlust: the Bangkok Bathtub Edition

Bangkok. That never-ending skyline which spreads in all of its sky-scraping glory across the horizon. On descent into the capital of Thailand, most days those buildings fade into the gray of the smog which normally sits stale over the city. But, this past weekend, I could see the city, mainly because I was basically enveloped in it.

Daily Wanderlust: Rainbows in Koh Samui

Koh Samui can be described in one word: paradise. Yes, this gorgeous island located in southern Thailand offers paradise to travelers in need of a break from the crowded Bangkok, the land-locked Chiang Mai or even the backpacker loop of SE Asia. Here, you can unwind in adorable bungalows, sip exotic cocktails, party like you’reContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Rainbows in Koh Samui”

Daily Wanderlust: the streets of Bangkok

Despite the protests and travel warnings coming from many countries about Bangkok, I headed down south to the capital the other day for some family time. As someone who comes to the city quite regularly — mostly for work since I have yet to really fall in love with what other see from this massiveContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: the streets of Bangkok”

Daily Wanderlust: Downtown Frostburg

The Western Maryland college town of Frostburg charms me every time I go. It’s not just because my artist brother (M Edelman Art) lives there, but because the town is so quirky and teeny tiny (population in 2010 was just a smidgen over 9,000). Tucked into the Appalachians, the scenery is simply stunning with gentleContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Downtown Frostburg”

Daily Wanderlust: the glitz of Fremont Street in Vegas

The now burgeoning Downtown Las Vegas has always been a favorite spot of mine. Throughout my time in Sin City, I have spent many a night (and day) hanging in a place where old clashes with new, young clash with old, in the most colorful of ways. One thing I never get tired of? TheContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: the glitz of Fremont Street in Vegas”

Daily Wanderlust: Alhambra, Granada

Somewhere between the sweet hookah smell drifting through the market and the quaint streets, I fell in love with the magical Andalusian town of Granada. In the rain, my friend and I hike up the hill to explore the historic remains of the Alhambra. Originally constructed as a fortress in 889 and rebuilt in theContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Alhambra, Granada”

Daily Wanderlust: The skyline of Prague

Prague. A beautiful, magical city that instantly whisks visitors into a world of old and new merged together. Where palaces and modern life smash together in the most beautifully chaotic way. The city first took its hold on me in 2002, when I spent time there during my month-long European experience. In the dead ofContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: The skyline of Prague”