Daily Wanderlust: Portugal

Portugal, on first-glance, looks a bit worn around the edges. A bit tattered from the Atlantic Ocean air whipping against its old buildings. But, it also offers a warmth I’ve never seen before. Doors, walls, entire buildings, offer such character and life.

There were plenty of times during my visit to Portugal (when I wasn’t trying to party it up like an Aussie or cure my hangover in the Atlantic) when I would just grab my camera and wander down the little side streets, marveling at the intricate detail of homes. Even the door knows I came across were artistic.

My favorite thing about the architecture in Portugal is the colors. The pastel pinks and blues against the lime greens and yellows. The bright tiles half-way up the exterior of buildings. The street lamps which cast a yellow glow against the white stones in the squares. A perfect example? This weathered home in the coastal town of Faro.

Yes, Portugal is beautiful.