Daily Wanderlust: Goats on a Roof

Yes. Goats on a Roof. This little shop located in Tiger, Georgia is known for its star attraction — the adorable goats who hang out on their roof.

The shop features homemade fudge, jams, mining, even a little fire pit to make some s’mores. And, a herd of goats. On the roof. Complete with hay, toys and more. I kid you not.

Have you ever been to a place like this?




Escape of the Week: Fall on Fire

If there is one thing I miss when living in the desert — even if October is simply divine weather-wise — it is fall.

Growing up on the east coast in Maryland, a favorite pastime was raking all of the leaves that fell from the trees each autumn. My dad would rake them up into piles, and then my brother and I would jump into them with reckless abandon.

I loved the smell of the leaves … fresh and earthy.

But, more than that, I loved the colors. Against the gray October skies, the leaves would burst with color. Bright and fiery oranges and reds. They glowed.

After moving from Las Vegas to Georgia in 2010, I was once again greeted with the beauty of this season. My friend and I decided, on a crisp and cloudy fall morning, to get in the car and drive north through the state, to admire the sublime beauty that is autumn.

For hours, we drove along country roads, stopping whenever the mood struck us, to take photos of the stunning colors as far as the eye could see.

Where have you experienced the colors of fall?


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A BRIEF Intermission — Fall Foliage Photo Essay 10.24.09

Following the heart-warming travel misadventures, here’s a pretty little break for your eyes — photos from a drive through NE Georgia/Appalachians to check out the turning of the leaves at their peak. While the photos don’t do the warm orange, golds and red justice, you get the point. For those that have never had the pleasure of viewing the turning of the leaves in person, trust. It is a truly breathtakingly colorful nature experience.

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