Daily Wanderlust: Sunset over Monfrague National Park

I truly believe the Extremedura region of Spain in the springtime is quite possibly the most beautiful place to celebrate this spectacular time of year. In April, Monfrague National Park comes alive with a carpet of bright green grass dotted with yellow flowers, little pea-green leaves sprouting from trees, and blue, blue skies. Sunset isContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Sunset over Monfrague National Park”

Escape of the Week: Spanish Spring

I remember it like it was yesterday … there I sat on a bus barreling out of Madrid and toward the beautiful Extremadura region, ready to go and teach  more English. I was exhausted from the evening I had before, and was struggling to keep my eyes open. The Vaughantown bus stopped for a foodContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Spanish Spring”

Back back back to Extremadura

Nearly six weeks after my initial trip into Extremadura, I was at it again. This time, the bus was replaced by a nice four-door sedan, and the 20 Anglos were replaced by two Spaniards — Marcos and Jesus, a friend of mine from the Monfrague VaughanTown program. Just like the first time on the bus,Continue reading “Back back back to Extremadura”

Decompression numero dos

Man, leaving new friends is a bitch.

The second time I had bid farewell (“see you soon”) in three weeks to a group of amazing and beautiful people who became my family in the blink of an eye was no easier than the departure two weeks earlier.

First, it was Valdelavilla. And now, Monfrague. Two completely different programs, two completely different locations. Two completely and breathtakingly different groups of people.