Hangovers and headaches

I woke up in the morning, curled up in a ball on my bed. I looked to my right, Katie and Isabelle were just waking up, too. My head. I sought to put together the pieces from the previous night. Whiskey and Coke bucket. Chang Beer. Which, apparently, is super strong. Dancing at the reggae bar. AContinue reading “Hangovers and headaches”

Fight the jet lag, drink whiskey

I rubbed my eyes. Holy. Crap. Katie had just walked into the room. Suddenly, the exhaustion which had overcome my body melted effortlessly away. “KATIE!!” I jumped out of bed and ran to her. “Oh my god!!” “Surprise!” She said, smiling as we wrapped our arms around each other. I held onto her for a momentContinue reading “Fight the jet lag, drink whiskey”

Sleep? Not in Chiang Mai

Checking in to Little Bird was easy. I gave my name and showed my passport. Then, I was shown my room, a small thing with two bunk beds, a little wooden dresser and a chest-high locker unit. It was cute, with the mis-matched paint on the walls. And, the doors. The doors at Little BirdContinue reading “Sleep? Not in Chiang Mai”

Hello, Chiang Mai

“There’s a smell to Thailand,” my seatmate from Narita to Bangkok had explained to me upon our arrival to the country, and before we walked off of the plane and down the stairs to the tarmac. “I don’t know what it is, but it is distinct. And I love it.” We walked towards the doorContinue reading “Hello, Chiang Mai”

Escape of the Week: An Ele Family

Yes, another elephant Escape of the Week. Here’s the deal: I took about 500 photos of elephants, which is more than I took of any one city while I was traveling. Therefore, there is an obscene amount of elephant cuteness sitting on my laptop, begging to be shared with the world. But first, a noteContinue reading “Escape of the Week: An Ele Family”

Escape of the Week: A cool elephant

I met quite a large number of elephants during my week at the Elephant Nature Park, an amazing sanctuary where captive working elephants go to live out the rest of their lives free from abuse. While I was there, I learned each of them has unique personalities. However, despite their uniqueness, they have one thingContinue reading “Escape of the Week: A cool elephant”

Escape of the Week: Jokia the Elephant

Today is Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011. I have been just outside of Chiang Mai for nearly three days … living in the midst of elephants. Only, these aren’t the normal Thai elephants people see when they come to Thailand. These are the lucky ones. Most of these are elephants who have been saved from theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Jokia the Elephant”

Why I’m traveling to Thailand

“D,” my Dad said to me as I drove down Las Vegas Blvd. back in late February. “Where are you thinking of going to visit next?” “I don’t know, Dad,” I said. And, that was the truth. I had no idea. For as long as I had been back in America, I hadn’t really thoughtContinue reading “Why I’m traveling to Thailand”