Escape of the Week: Jokia the Elephant

Today is Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011. I have been just outside of Chiang Mai for nearly three days … living in the midst of elephants.

Only, these aren’t the normal Thai elephants people see when they come to Thailand. These are the lucky ones. Most of these are elephants who have been saved from the hardships and abuse in order to make a bhat.

To say this experience at the Elephant Nature Park is amazing sells the experience short. This experience is life-changing. Eye-opening. I promise you in the next few weeks and months, this story will unfold here and other locations … you will learn more about the Thai elephants than you thought possible.

My goal: to help change the behavior of tourists visiting this country.

But, for now, here is a photo of one of my favorite ele’s at the park, Jokia. She was blinded by her mahout (owner). She was bought by the park — one of the first — and lives out the remainder of her days with love, affection and in the hands of a mahout who will never raise a hand (or instrument of pain) to her again.






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