Escape of the Week: An Ele Family

Yes, another elephant Escape of the Week. Here’s the deal: I took about 500 photos of elephants, which is more than I took of any one city while I was traveling. Therefore, there is an obscene amount of elephant cuteness sitting on my laptop, begging to be shared with the world.

But first, a note to you, my wonderful readers:

I promise, the stories start tomorrow and will go on and on and on. To be truthful, over the next few weeks, there are going to be some stories you may not want to read. There are going to be some stories that make you cry. There are going to be some stories that make you angry. And, most importantly, there are going to be stories that make your heart smile and remind you just how beautiful people can truly be.

My goal isn’t just to share with you my experiences living with elephants, it is to educate each and every one of you with the hope you educate someone else and so on … until we, as travelers and tourists, can send a clear message to the elephant tourism industry about acceptable practices.

Please share as much as you can. It takes one person to start a movement, and this beautiful community of travelers is powerful when we take a stand together.

This is one of the elephant families at the park, covered in mud, plodding on down to the riverbank to wash off, only to toss mud back on themselves minutes later.

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4 thoughts on “Escape of the Week: An Ele Family

  1. Sounds like its been exactly what you were hoping for and as with most travels more than you thought it could be! Can’t wait to hear the stories, the good the bad and the ugly! I agree with you, sharing and education is the first and easiest step in making change. I’ll do my best to pass on what you share! Thank you


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