Tips on being an expat in Chiang Mai

One year ago today, after an epic road trip across America, I embarked on my latest chapter of my life — becoming an expat and living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. // // This gorgeous and relaxing town in northern Thailand is a hot spot for digital nomads, largely because of the inexpensive lifestyle that canContinue reading “Tips on being an expat in Chiang Mai”

Vacation, all I ever wanted

There’s a panic that sets in sometimes. A panic of being stationary. When this panic sets in, I normally high tail it out of the place I am to embark on an adventure. But, this time, I don’t want to do that. I just want a break.  Some “me” time that whisks me out of myContinue reading “Vacation, all I ever wanted”

Goodbye, Prius

She sits in the lot at CarMax, her dark gray exterior even darker against the overcast winter sky in Maryland. I blink back tears, then head inside to sign her away. “Well, this is really easy,” the sales clerk says to me across his desk in the fluorescent lit office. “Just sign here and here,Continue reading “Goodbye, Prius”

Anxiety abroad

“I think I have shortness of breath,” I say when I stop into the clinic my old apartment owner runs. “I just lost a friend the other week and my heart is racing and I don’t feel well.” A look of concern rushes over the gentle doctor’s face. “That’s hard,” he says, pondering what toContinue reading “Anxiety abroad”

Surviving Songkran

The stream of water from the squirt gun hits me dead in the eye. The sting is instantaneous. “Damnit! My eye!” I whimper as I attempt to wipe the water out. But, it’s no use. I’m in the middle of the world’s biggest water fight — Songkran — a celebration of the new year inContinue reading “Surviving Songkran”

An ode to my friend

Editor’s Note: Information currently circulating on the web regarding Adam’s death is inaccurate and the text written here has been taken out of context for self-serving purposes elsewhere. Adam’s cause of death was a heart attack, despite what any other posts may speculate. It deeply saddens me that his death is being used to hurtContinue reading “An ode to my friend”

Escaping Chiang Mai

Shortly after my seven-month anniversary as an expat in Chiang Mai, I hit a wall. Actually, I don’t really hit a wall, the walls start to close in around me. Dramatic as I am, I even wrote that in a Facebook message to my friend one night. “I need to get out of here,” I cry virtuallyContinue reading “Escaping Chiang Mai”

When words fail

For the last 8-plus months, I have been living as an expat in Thailand. I have been living, breathing animal rights — particularly as it relates to Asian elephants — traveling and getting caught up in the same little things I got caught up in when I was living in Las Vegas. Namely, personal relationships.Continue reading “When words fail”

When tragedy strikes the expat life

“D,” W says over the phone, hiccuping sobs, “J’s dad. He’s passed.” Muffled cries, inaudible words. “Oh my god,” I manage, feeling the pit of my stomach tighten and tears instantly fill my eyes. I think I hear her ask me to come to where she is. Even if I don’t, it doesn’t matter. It’sContinue reading “When tragedy strikes the expat life”

Lessons learned from seven months as an expat

Today marks seven months of being an expat in Thailand. To say my life has been a blessing these past seven months is not an understatement. From exploring Sri Lanka to blissing out in Bali to rescuing elephants and all of the beautiful moments in between, I have loved nearly every moment. What have I learnedContinue reading “Lessons learned from seven months as an expat”