Giving thanks

I’m sitting in the kitchen of the house where I grew up. Around me, I can hear the happy chatter of my mom, dad and brother. I hear the jingle of metal from the tag on Barkley, our old and gorgeous springer spaniel’s collar. I look outside at the naked trees against the bright blueContinue reading “Giving thanks”

Old and Lonely: an expat tale of (not) dating in Thailand

It’s one of those thick and gorgeous nights in Bali, when the air gently whispers in your ear, the ink black water of the Indian Ocean licks the soft butter-colored sand, and you can just barely make out puffy clouds lingering in the night sky. Sitting outside at the Jukung Grill at Grand Mirage Resort,Continue reading “Old and Lonely: an expat tale of (not) dating in Thailand”

My dirty little expat confession

For two weeks, I am in Thailand Expat Bliss. I wake up when it gets light (because for the first two weeks in Chiang Mai the sun refuses to glow) with a huge smile on my face. The smile never leaves. I walk to work like a child seeing the world for the first time. HugeContinue reading “My dirty little expat confession”

Back to the elephants

I can hardly sleep, even in my new apartment in Chiang Mai. My heart races and when I close my eyes, images of elephants dance under my lids. I am going back to Save Elephant Foundation’s Elephant Nature Park. Back to where it all started a year ago. Funny how much can change in aContinue reading “Back to the elephants”

The ease of the Chiang Mai apartment search

When I arrive to Chiang Mai, I am handed a bronze keyring of the Eiffel Tower. I roll it around in my hands as we head from the airport to my new home. I have an apartment and I haven’t even had to look. I don’t know what I am expecting. I have many friendsContinue reading “The ease of the Chiang Mai apartment search”

How Mr. Lucky got lucky

I have a bleeding heart. If you know me, you know this. And, on my third day in Chiang Mai, this bleeding little heart is tested. “Hi,” a couple says, walking up quietly to the large crop of desks inside the Elephant Nature Park office. “We found a kitten and wanted to let you knowContinue reading “How Mr. Lucky got lucky”

Goodbye, America

I’m quiet on the drive to Dulles from my house. I’ve already cried saying goodbye to the pups, and now, staring out the window as the suns rays just begin to kiss the tops of the trees, I hold back tears. I’m leaving America. I am leaving the life I know. I don’t take myContinue reading “Goodbye, America”

‘Twas the night before Expat Life

“You’re moving to Thailand?” It’s been since February when I knew my future would take me to Thailand and I would become an expat. For nearly five months, my life has been in this stop-wait-move pattern. Stop. Wait. Move. Stop. Wait. Move. It gets tiresome after awhile. And severely emotionally draining. Five months is aContinue reading “‘Twas the night before Expat Life”