Vacation, all I ever wanted

There’s a panic that sets in sometimes. A panic of being stationary. When this panic sets in, I normally high tail it out of the place I am to embark on an adventure. But, this time, I don’t want to do that. I just want a break. 

Some “me” time that whisks me out of my safe haven of Chiang Mai and into the arms of another amazing city.

Airport in Chiang Mai

So, when I am nearly to my one year anniversary of being an expat in Chiang Mai, I do what I need to do — I take a vacation.

Screw you, travel panic. I’m tackling the beast head on.

In the (almost) year I have been in Thailand, I have traveled quite a bit. Just not domestically. And, at nearly one year, the fact I have yet to explore the paradise down south makes me feel as if I am the worst Thailand expat in the universe.

With nary a second thought, I investigate Bangkok Air’s Web site and book flights from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Koh Samui.

Why Koh Samui?

I am a solo traveler for the most part, but when I am reminded one of my closest friends will be relocating to the tropical paradise of Samui for a brief bit, the idea of sipping icy beers seaside romances my mind. I’ve heard good things about the island … and not-so-good things, too. I decide to form my own opinion and head down to the Gulf for my own exploration.

As I board my flight out of my northern jungle, I can feel the Relax take over my body.

My first true vacation in more than one year.

View over Samui airport

And, when the plane descends into the Samui airport and I spy the lush green mountains jutting out of a bluegreen sea, I can feel my cheeks touch my eyes.

Samui airport is like Disney Land. Seriously.

inside Samui Airport

It has adorable little huts and open-air gates, planes painted with tropical themes and little golf cart-type vehicles to drive you the minute from the plane to the terminal.

Paradise, Samui style.

Once the 130 baht cab drops me off at my first hotel for my trip, I know I made the right decision. While it isn’t a lot of travel time, when I first glimpse the sparkling sea, I feel like I am in a different world. It’s hard to believe this is Thailand. That I’m even on the same continent. I’ve truly entered paradise.

Samui Chewang Beach

Hello, Samui. This is going to be fun.


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3 thoughts on “Vacation, all I ever wanted

  1. Samui Airport was like a toy airport, no security, no guards almost, it was a big LOL.
    Especially picking up luggage! On my way back I had a tide change in Bangkok and was a bit stressed about it ( didn’t want to miss Christmas at home ) but they just gave me a sticker of pink plane and told me not to worry ha ha ha


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