Daily Wanderlust: Alhambra, Granada

Somewhere between the sweet hookah smell drifting through the market and the quaint streets, I fell in love with the magical Andalusian town of Granada. In the rain, my friend and I hike up the hill to explore the historic remains of the Alhambra. Originally constructed as a fortress in 889 and rebuilt in theContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Alhambra, Granada”

Daily Wanderlust: La Alhambra

Perched at the top of the gorgeous Granada, Spain(home to my special Spanish affair) is one of the must-see’s in the city, if not the country — La Alhambra. The well-preserved 9th century Arabic palace, whose name means “red mountain,” is one of those magnificent spots in the city, which combines history with romance. Here,Continue reading “Daily Wanderlust: La Alhambra”

Affairs of the something or other

The cluster of red flowers lay wilted on the table next to the bed, a silent testament to the evening that was. I rolled over, looking at the flowers for a moment, just thinking. Then, Peter came back into the room and crawled back into bed with me, wrapping his arms around me. I didn’tContinue reading “Affairs of the something or other”