Daily Wanderlust: the Bangkok Bathtub Edition

Bangkok. That never-ending skyline which spreads in all of its sky-scraping glory across the horizon. On descent into the capital of Thailand, most days those buildings fade into the gray of the smog which normally sits stale over the city. But, this past weekend, I could see the city, mainly because I was basically enveloped in it.

Wrapped in my stunning enclave inside a Water element room at the Sofitel So Bangkok (located directly across from Lumpini Park), I had the most spectacular, the most breathtaking, views of the heart of the ever-alive city. From my bed, my desk … and even my bathtub, I got to watch the city wake-up, breathe, party and then exhale its last breaths of the evening before starting all over again the next day.

The Sofitel So Bangkok

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