Escape of the Week: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

It has been just about one year since Abby and I bounced around Istanbul and Bulgaria together. Poor Abby saw the worst of me during this time — I was in the full clutches of Travel Fatigue, mixed with being sick.

We didn’t really have any set plans other than meeting in Istanbul. From there, we tried to do Eastern Euro Exotic. After doing a search for top Black Sea beaches, I came across Sunny Beach. If you’ve been to Sunny Beach … well … it is a beach. Whether it deserves the title of “best Black Sea beach” is another story (read my Sunny Beach experience).

It’s fun. It’s rowdy. It has an international flavor (I am pretty sure we heard more Scandinavian and Russian than Bulgarian). From the resorts lining the sandy beaches, to the all-night parties, to the boardwalk complete with little trinket shops, Sunny Beach is the ultimate let loose vacation spot in Bulgaria.

It may not have been my match, but it was certainly gorgeous. Especially when the sun started to sink in the green rolling hills.

Here, a parasailer catches the sunset from a different perspective: above the Black Sea



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15 thoughts on “Escape of the Week: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

  1. I remember when you guys went here last year. I’ve heard recently about how Bulgaria is such a great destination these days and have heard mixed things. Glad to have your take on it.


    1. It seems like it was yesterday! I have to say, Sunny Beach is NOT a place I would recommend if you want to see Bulgaria. If you want to party on the Black Sea, then yes, go there. But, to get a taste of the culture, the country, I would suggest going to Varna — that way you get the sea and the city. In Sunny Beach, I don’t recall hearing much Bulgarian.


  2. How does Sunny Beach seem like a lifetime ago, but I can’t believe I’ve been in Vegas a year?! Poor Diana — I just felt bad you weren’t having fun! Sunny Beach will always have a special place in my heart, because even though you couldn’t really do anything, I had plenty of people to hang out with! I had a blast!


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