Escape of the Week: Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar, also known as Mısır Çarşısı, is one of those attractions visitors should put on their itineraries. Built in the 1660’s, the bazaar is one of those places which simply mesmerizes.

It’s crowded. The people inside stroll from each business, stopping to sample the Turkish Delights, to capture the images of the pops of color on display in the form of magenta and gold spices, dried flowers, stacks of homemade soaps, tea leaves and more. They chat with the shop owners and try to get a good deal on their purchases. Often times, the crowd spills to the outside of the bazaar, too, where even more stands await offering juicy figs, hanging displays of various Turkish spices, fresh-caught fish and more.

Getting lost physically in the bazaar isn’t easy (unlike the Grand Bazaar down the road), but it is easy to get swept away in the colors, the atmosphere, and the sweets and spices on display.

I know I did. Twice.

This photo comes from the Spice Bazaar.

(And here’s a post I wrote about Turkish tourist spots for your additional reading pleasure)


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8 thoughts on “Escape of the Week: Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

  1. Just spent a week in Istanbul. And the spice bazaar is one of the most unassuming places I visited — I loved walking through it. If you’re going anywhere near the Galata Bridge, or hopping on a ferry — make sure you leave enough time to pop over the road and take a quick walk around the spice bazaar. You won’t be disappointed.


    1. I wish I would have bought some of the spices back with me to America. Not that I would have likely used them, but, you know, just to have “in case” I decide to become a culinary goddess or something like that. Next time!


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