I traded rainy and cold Belgium for sunny and magnificent Spain around noon the day after leaving Amsterdam (about the same time I regained my sanity).

Only, when I arrived in Spain, it wasn’t really sunny or magnificent. I just pretended it was because that’s how much I love freaking Spain. In fact, it was sunny for about 10 minutes (enough time for me to get to Anthony’s from the Metro) before the clouds opened and the theme of rain and cool continued.

Something funny on the Ryan Air flight happened to me during the time of ignoring the obnoxious teens rapping in French and making the volume on my iPod louder, and looking out the window.

We were descending into Madrid, flying over the mountains and the turbulence was bouncing everyone around a lot. I looked outside and saw dark gray clouds towering high into the sky, enveloping the plane.

This kinda sucks.

We dipped down quickly and the teens screamed.

Doesn’t help.

The turbulence continued.

I just need the clouds below us to part. I just need to see the ground. To see Spain. I know once that happens, all of this will stop.

And, justlikethat, the clouds cleared for a moment and I could see down to the earth.


At first, it looked like any other place with its cross sections of greens and browns and farms, but as we got closer, it turned into one of those landscape oil paintings … little puffs of trees dotted on rolling emerald hills, red soil, water reflecting the cotton ball cloud sky.

It instantly put a smile on my face and warmed me.

Spain. I’m back.

Spain is the only country I have been to twice on this trip and the country in Schengen Europe I will spend the most time in. It is also one of the only countries I have ever visited more than once, let alone in the span of 31 days.

That’s how long I was gone from Spain — 31 days. Yes, I counted.

Mom e-mailed me that afternoon asking me if it felt different landing in Spain than it did anywhere else … if it felt like home (because if it did she was going to be concerned).

“Yes,” I had written her, “It does feel like home.”

Since I had left Spain the first time, I had kept in close contact with many of the people I had met — Anthony, Emma and some of the people from VaughanTown — one of which decided to help me and see if he could find me a job opportunity here.

When I walked down the street from the Metro to Anthony’s, I had a spring in my step, a smile on my face and a feeling … Honey, I’m home!

It’s a feeling I have never really experienced. When in Spain, everything just feels right. I could have a bad day, but walk outside and there, in front of me, is this entire world of beauty, of culture … lapping at my feet. I can’t help but smile.

I think I am pretty lucky. Some people search their entire lives to find that one place that makes them feel safe. I found it on March 19, the day I stamped in to Madrid from Ireland.

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18 thoughts on “Home?

  1. This is so lovely D! I guess when you know, you know. I can’t wait to find somewhere I feel that way about (although foreign love affairs are always so much trickier).

    Please move to Spain so I can come visit you.


    1. It’s funny. It’s just that one moment where you look around and inside and just KNOW. Foreign love affairs? Meh. Who needs that when the love affair is with a country? 😉 And, yes. You will HAVE to come and visit me.


  2. Keely and Jez are ready to learn Spanish! Besides, they’re indoor cats, they’ll be happy anywhere with AC and a window.


  3. It all sound so romantic. It is like a breath of fresh air under hallogen lights in muggy, hot atlanta. Soak it up girl!


    1. Awww … would it make you feel better if I told you it was really hot in Marrakesh right now? Besides, you are saving lives … I think that is pretty damn awesome. 🙂 Hope you are well, love.


    1. Spain has completely ruined all plans of visiting Italy and Greece this summer, but I haven’t even cared. That’s how much I am sucked into Spain. Thank you, J. I appreciate it. 🙂


  4. Uh oh, don’t know if my last comment just worked. But I love Spain; it’s just so vibrant and scintillating and generally wonderful.

    Check out Julia Dimon’s adventures in Madrid; she takes a Segway tour and samples Tapas! Looks like so much fun.


  5. Chicky. I am with you on this one. I am doing just about everything in my power at this point to stay here. Including forking out a couple grand for an immigration lawyer! YIKES! Steph! You can come visit me too!


  6. I just discovered your blog! I feel exactly how you felt in the winter of 2009/2010 and am tempted to just pack up and go on a long trip. I’m really interested in VaughanTown, could you tell me more?


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