Escape of the Week: Poplar Flowers

I awoke early on my second morning in London.

The first day of London, I did a walking tour of Tower of London, St. Paul’s and Oxford Circus. The second day of my travels, I was left to explore on my own.

So, I did what any bright-eyed, bushy-tailed traveler on the start of their trip (or any first experience in a city) would do: I bundled up (it was March in a rain-soaked, cloud-encrusted London), laced my hiking boots, placed my cap tight on my head and pushed my hands into my mittens, and ventured out into the day.

My first stop? Poplar, the neighborhood where I was staying for the week.

The neighborhood isn’t the city’s shining glory, but it has its own charm. Nearby the house I was staying was a large market, compete with stalls hawking everything from blankets and luggage to clothing, food stalls and bakeries.

I snapped this photo during my Poplar walkabout.


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Wandering the mean streets of Poplar

By the time I got to Shaun’s flat in London, my backpack and messenger bag were brutally weighing me down.

Like I knew they would.

I just hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

I had wondered through the Poplar area of town for nearly two hours before I successfully found Shaun’s home. It wasn’t her directions that were poor, it was the person following them had a serious case of travel brain.

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