Awake my soul: the story of shamanic healing

Self. Birth. Transformation. Relationships. Those four cards stare at me on the animal hide table in the little room of Betina Lindsey, the shaman at Red Mountain Resort. “Well, this fits,” she says. I close my eyes. I can only hope she’s right. Betina is my last resort. She is my little glimmer of hopeContinue reading “Awake my soul: the story of shamanic healing”

The (in)exchange of energies

Cynthia taps on my chest. Tap. Tap. Tap. I can feel those taps reverberate through my body. I can hear the sounds echo in my ears. Hollow. I feel hollow. “OK,” she says softly, powering up the massage table to a sitting position. “How stressed are you?” she asks, her gentle eyes full of concern.Continue reading “The (in)exchange of energies”

Escape of the Week: The beauty of Utah’s Red Mountain Resort

Las Vegas may be where everyone else goes to have a vacation, but, as a resident, every now and then it is important to get out of town. Turn off the cell phone. Keep the laptop closed and just disconnect. A few weeks ago, thanks to Red Mountain Resort, that is exactly what I did.Continue reading “Escape of the Week: The beauty of Utah’s Red Mountain Resort”