Hipmunk CityLove: Offbeat Attractions in Paris

Paris may be known as the City of Love, but there is so much more to the French capital than just that. While most visitors to Paris check out the Louvre and Notre Dame, today I’m giving you the tips on where to find the funky, the cool, the offbeat attractions in Paris. The Paris SewerContinue reading “Hipmunk CityLove: Offbeat Attractions in Paris”

Daily Wanderlust: The Gardens of Versailles

Editor’s Note: While I am preparing to leave Las Vegas, embark on an epic cross-country road trip exploring America and relocate to Thailand to become an expat, I have opened my blog to special guest posts from travel bloggers I love. This is a guest post written by Christine Medina. Versailles’ intricate lawns and extensive flower-beds are stunning,Continue reading “Daily Wanderlust: The Gardens of Versailles”