Hipmunk CityLove: Offbeat Attractions in Paris

Paris may be known as the City of Love, but there is so much more to the French capital than just that. While most visitors to Paris check out the Louvre and Notre Dame, today I’m giving you the tips on where to find the funky, the cool, the offbeat attractions in Paris.

The Paris Sewer Museum

Offbeat attractions in Paris | www.dtravelsround.com
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Bogdan Migulski

Who thought an afternoon spent walking through sewer tunnels could be fun? Guess what? It is. Take the Paris Sewer Museum tour to get a glimpse of the massive sewer system in Paris’ belly. Head to the tunnels to learn about the history of the sewers and soak in the fascinating surroundings. Part museum, part exploration, check out what the system used to be like on your own, or hop on a free guided tour that navigates you through this system under the Seine.

The Vampire Museum

Forget Twilight. This museum is the real deal and gives visitors a look at the fascinating folklore surrounding vampires. Le Musée des Vampires is a private museum, so you need to call ahead to make an appointment, and located just outside the confines of the city, but it is well worth the trip. Learn about how vampires fit into today’s pop culture and the history of this mythic creatures.

The Paris Catacombs

Offbeat attractions in Paris | www.dtravelsround.com
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Christopher Perez

We’re talking spooky stuff here. Like the Sedlic Ossuary outside of Prague, Les Catacombes de Paris delivers bones excavated from the city during the 18th century. Housed below the city and spanning kilometers, millions of bones are located here, removed from their graves when cemeteries became overcrowded (think skeletons emerging from the ground crowded). Head early in the day, because while this may an offbeat Paris attraction, it is still an attraction that attracts the masses.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

While I’m on the subject of bones, the Pere Lechaise Cemetery is home to some major figures from the past, like Jim Morrison. It’s not creepy like the catacombs, in fact, it is a gorgeous swath of land where people can go and soak in the peace which surrounds it … and pay homage to the people buried there.

Abandoned Tracks of La Petite Ceinture

Offbeat attractions in Paris | www.dtravelsround.com
Photo via Flickr Creative Commons: Marie-Caroline Passache

Take some time for yourself and wander down the abandoned tracks of La Petite Ceinture. Defunct since the 1930s, today people visit to get a dose of fresh air (it is located a bit outside of the heart of the city) and includes street art set against beautiful nature scenes.

Where to Stay in Paris

There is no shortage of hotels in Paris to enjoy your stay. The city is packed with fun, funky hotels. To appeal to your fairytale side, check out Hotel Original, which takes most of its inspiration from stories like Alice in Wonderland with some Tim Burton touches mixed in. The four-star hotel is centrally located near the Louvre and Notre Dame and features 38 unique rooms complete with flat screen televisions and iPod docking stations.

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of Hipmunk’s #CityLove campaign.

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