The Thailand Foodgasm: The ultimate Thai buffet

The lunch bell rings at Elephant Nature Park at noon. Had we really already been there a few hours? The time so far has flown by. And, while I love that the experiences were that┬ásupremely amazing thus far, I don’t want the week to fly by. I want to savor every single moment and feelContinue reading “The Thailand Foodgasm: The ultimate Thai buffet”

Feeding elephants

Within an hour of arriving to the park, I have met my first elephants. Our van is the first to arrive at Elephant Nature Park, so we drop our bags, and sit down. But, it is hard for any of us to sit still. There are elephants. Everywhere. Not just the actual animals, either. ThereContinue reading “Feeding elephants”

Tuk tuks, red cabs … and elephants: arriving to Elephant Nature Park

The drive from Chiang Mai to the Elephant Nature Park is nothing short of surreal: from urban to highway to jungle in about an hour. And from cars and tuk tuks to elephants and ox on the side of the road. We start our first day as volunteers, 23 of us ranging in age fromContinue reading “Tuk tuks, red cabs … and elephants: arriving to Elephant Nature Park”

Sunday Night Market madness

The Sunday Night Market, in theory, sounds awesome. Cheap shopping. Cheap eats. Stall after stall of items you don’t need, but suddenly have to have. My kinda market. I should have known better. Crowds and D never mix. And yet, there I was, being the cheerleader for Katie, Isabelle and I heading out into theContinue reading “Sunday Night Market madness”

Hangovers and headaches

I woke up in the morning, curled up in a ball on my bed. I looked to my right, Katie and Isabelle were just waking up, too. My head. I sought to put together the pieces from the previous night. Whiskey and Coke bucket.┬áChang Beer. Which, apparently, is super strong.┬áDancing at the reggae bar. AContinue reading “Hangovers and headaches”

Speaking for the Elephants … in memory of Mae Sai Roong

Yesterday morning, when I turned on my computer after a night of restlessness, my heart sank. There, on the screen, were two Facebook status updates. One from the Elephant Nature Park & Foundation page stating Mae Sai Roong, an elephant our volunteer group had taken care of when she fell ill on Sept. 10, hadContinue reading “Speaking for the Elephants … in memory of Mae Sai Roong”

Escape of the Week: An Ele Family

Yes, another elephant Escape of the Week. Here’s the deal: I took about 500 photos of elephants, which is more than I took of any one city while I was traveling. Therefore, there is an obscene amount of elephant cuteness sitting on my laptop, begging to be shared with the world. But first, a noteContinue reading “Escape of the Week: An Ele Family”

Escape of the Week: A cool elephant

I met quite a large number of elephants during my week at the Elephant Nature Park, an amazing sanctuary where captive working elephants go to live out the rest of their lives free from abuse. While I was there, I learned each of them has unique personalities. However, despite their uniqueness, they have one thingContinue reading “Escape of the Week: A cool elephant”

Why I’m traveling to Thailand

“D,” my Dad said to me as I drove down Las Vegas Blvd. back in late February. “Where are you thinking of going to visit next?” “I don’t know, Dad,” I said. And, that was the truth. I had no idea. For as long as I had been back in America, I hadn’t really thoughtContinue reading “Why I’m traveling to Thailand”