CityLove: The Best of Gaudi in Barcelona

Anton Gaudì is synonymous with Barcelona. Aside from the name, I never knew much about this famous architect. In fact, the first time I went to Barcelona, I grazed over his ties to the city and went straight for the beach … mostly because I was in Crappy Traveler mode. When visiting this gorgeous MediterraneanContinue reading “CityLove: The Best of Gaudi in Barcelona”

Escape of the Week: La Boqueria Mercat in Barcelona

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by travel blogger Nic Freeman. Strolling through the bustling La Boqueria Mercat in Barcelona is a bit like falling down a Spanish rabbit hole into a vibrant, food-filled wonderland: once there, your senses become saturated and you are led on a journey of delights, adventures, bizarre encounters and cultural quirks. Also known asContinue reading “Escape of the Week: La Boqueria Mercat in Barcelona”

To be, or not to be … topless

The women surrounding us on the beach had one thing in common: they were missing their swimmer tops. And not the least bit shy about walking, running, jumping in the rolling waves of the Mediterranean without being covered. Going topless on a European beach. It’s on my bucket list. But, could I really take offContinue reading “To be, or not to be … topless”