The time I (didn’t) party with Will Schuester

There is a motto backpackers have when traveling the world: Always say yes. Always.

Typically, I try to adhere to this as much as possible. Of course, the one time I don’t is the one time I kick myself.

Let me start with this, I love “Glee.” Through my travels, it is my one guilty American pleasure to which I consistently submit. The writing is witty. The cast is spot-on. It’s the show I would have aspired to be on when I was still an aspiring actress.

And, I love Matthew Morrison, the curly-haired, cleft-chinned, hot and ridiculously talented actor who plays Will Schuester on the show.

I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities in the past (ah, Las Vegas life) and have never been star-stuck. Up until last year, the only people who would ever made me blubber like a fool would have been  George Clooney and Anderson Cooper. Then, MM came along.

I digress.

When the girls decided to go out on my last night in Barcelona , I just didn’t feel it. I was tired. I had an early flight to Istanbul the next day. I was still recovering from the week in the Valencia region, stuffing myself with decadent food, drinking lots of wine and staying up way too late (thanks to Land of Valencia’s #blogtripf1).

“You sure you don’t want to come, D?” Tina had asked. “We’ll just be out for a bit.”

“Nah … I am going to stay here and work on some writing,” I had told her.

And, then the three of them were off, headed to the beach to sip on some cocktails and take in the lush sea breeze.

At 2 a.m., when they hadn’t returned to our room, I turned off the light, thinking they would be home any minute. When the sun came up at 6, I figured they had made friends and ended up partying somewhere.

At 6:30 they came barging into the room.

“Oh. My. God!” They had exclaimed in unison. “You should have come!!”

“Why?” I asked, moving from sleep to awake.

“We partied with the cast of Glee!” Gemma squealed.

I shot up in my bed.

“What?!?!?” I screeched, likely waking everyone in the hostel out of their slumbers. Instantly, my mind wandered to the night before. Partying with “Glee.” I could imagine Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Dianna Argon and the entire McKinley High club whopping it up on the dance floor far from the stalkerazzi.

“Who?” I demanded.

“Will Schuester!!! We partied with him.” Tina said, beaming. “All night.”

“Stop it.”

Oh my god. The one would would make me lose all sense of cool.

“No, really!” Gemma said. “We have photos.”

She pulled out her camera, and there he was. Head of blonde curls. Blue button shirt. Big smile on his adorably attractive face.

And there they were. Standing next to him, drinks in their hands, beaming.

Lucky bitches.

You’ve got to be kidding me. The one night …

Tina launched into the story of how it happened … a friend of hers put them on the list for Opium Nightclub. They decided to check it out. Then, in the VIP area was my beloved MM, sipping on drinks with a few people. Of course, the girls got into the VIP room (they are all gorgeous). Next thing they knew, they were sitting with MM, chatting it up, having drinks with him and his friends.

“Did any of you make out with him, because if you did I am going to kill myself now …”

“Nah … but we drank with him.”

Inside, I was screaming at myself. Yelling so loud it hurt my head.

THE. ONE. NIGHT!!! Idiot.

I laid back down in bed for an hour … thinking what would have happened if I would have met him. I could only imagine …

MM and I would sit, latched in deep conversation the entire night. We would be in our own little world amidst the thumping bass and strobe lights. Then, a spotlight would appear on him, music would cue and he would launch into song. Probably Damien Rice’s “The Blowers Daughter.” He would sing it to me. And only me. Then, he would come up to me, wrap his hand around the side of my face, and kiss me. Instant love connection. Of course, he’d then whisk me off to a private yacht, confess his love for me (’cause, ya know, it was love at first sight) and then we’d get married and move to Spain. Naturally, FOX would relocate the set to Spain to accommodate our lives. Ahhhhh.

Matt Morrison. Lovely, lovely MM. Talked to my friends. Had drinks with my friends. While I slept.

Lesson learned from this: always, always, always say YES. You never know … you just might party with Will Schuester.

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5 thoughts on “The time I (didn’t) party with Will Schuester

  1. DUDE. I would have felt the SAME WAY. And also, I would have been that person who passed up on that one night, too. Another time! You’ll have your second chance at MM, I’m sure.

    (In Glee-related news, I had to talk to Chris Colfer’s publicist the other day about doing a piece on him for Sunset and she denied me. I knew NOT to get prematurely excited after all my years of celebrity dealings. But still!)



  2. Ugh, this almost hurts me. I could feel your pain of ALMOST having partied with Will Shuester. I always try to say “yes” to things because I’m afraid of missing out — but no one can do everything all the time. It gets tiring! It was just a really unfortunate time you chose to rest. 😦


    1. It hurt me!! Especially when the girls came back into the room when the sun was up slurring that they met him!! I try to do the “yes” thing, but it was one of those nights where I just couldn’t be asked to go out. And, damnit!!!


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