Ahh, Amari

I have a checklist for what constitutes my version of paradise: 1. A gorgeous location 2. Something gorgeous to view 3. Someplace gorgeous to stay 4. The ability to tune out the real world and relish all of the gorgeous Amari Palm Reef in Koh Samui is one example of my paradise. Located in theContinue reading “Ahh, Amari”

Life is a dream at Dream Hotel

For someone that has only stayed in one hotel in Bangkok, and no idea where anything is, deciding on a hotel to find in the massive city can be … oh … just a tad overwhelming. So, I simply go to Agoda to research hotels. Given that this trip to BKK — and my escaping ChiangContinue reading “Life is a dream at Dream Hotel”

Hip and hot: LA’s Hotel Wilshire

Travel always exhausts me. So, when I had a chance to break up my trip from Maryland to Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Narita to Bangkok to Chiang Mai courtesy of some weird overnight stop over in LA, I jumped at spending the night in luxury. After flying across the country to Las Vegas,Continue reading “Hip and hot: LA’s Hotel Wilshire”

Preview: Bali’s Five-Star Samabe Resort

At one point, standing on the balcony and letting the hot air gently tousle my hair, I close my eyes and imagine what it would be like to stay in the finished product. Only one word comes to mind — heaven.

Devdan: a glimpse of Indonesian culture in Bali

The lights dim and then burn the eyes, a man and woman appear on opposite ends of the stage. Staring longingly at each other. What transpires next is a mix of sensuality, passion and dancing that leaves the audience entranced. The couple merges together, holding onto thick ribbons hung from the top of the stage.Continue reading “Devdan: a glimpse of Indonesian culture in Bali”

Blissing out at Bali’s Grand Mirage Resort

It’s cool in the lounge where Daniel (my friend who has flown to Bali to meet me for the weekend) and I sit, awaiting our keys to our suite at the Grand Mirage Resort. “Would you like a drink?” Asks one of the hotel’s staff, clad in a skirt, button-up shirt and heels. “We haveContinue reading “Blissing out at Bali’s Grand Mirage Resort”

Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai: the day trip

The early morning rays of the sun are barely creeping through my apartment window when my alarm buzzes. Time to get up. It’s a Saturday, and I am awake at 6 a.m. for a good reason: I am going on my first journey outside of Chiang Mai. Today, I’m hopping into a Top North minivanContinue reading “Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai: the day trip”

Why I will never be a T-Mobile customer again: a photo essay

There are few companies I don’t like: United, PEPCO, Chik-Fil-A and T-Mobile. Why? United = horrid customer service and stupid fees that change PEPCO = heads up their collective big-money arses Chik-fil-A = narrow-minded PR nightmare T-Mobile = crappy phones, crappy fees and the most epic of all fails ever — no service. During myContinue reading “Why I will never be a T-Mobile customer again: a photo essay”

Escape of the Week: Salt & Sill, Sweden’s first floating hotel

You can see it from the bridge over to Klädesholmen, the dark brown Salt & Sill hotel. Floating. On large pontoons. Without a doubt, it is one of the most unique hotels I have ever visited. Anywhere. I drag my suitcase behind me as I walk into Salt & Sill’s reception, which gives way to theContinue reading “Escape of the Week: Salt & Sill, Sweden’s first floating hotel”

The Rachamankha Hotel: an experience in quiet Thai luxury

Upon arrival to the Rachamankha Hotel in the old city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, it is easy to tell what the experience has in store. Set off of the street in a quiet enclave, the only Relais and Chateaux property in northern Thailand is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of tuk tuks and marketsContinue reading “The Rachamankha Hotel: an experience in quiet Thai luxury”