The seedy side of Bangkok: Nana Plaza

The girls stand around poles, clad in tiny bikinis, looking entirely uninterested at the crowd of mostly expats (and sexpats) who sit around the stage, sipping watered down drinks and gawking. Daniel and I were unsure about going to the Nana Plaza complex, a part of Bangkok’s red light district, but after a bottle ofContinue reading “The seedy side of Bangkok: Nana Plaza”

Daily Wanderlust: Elephant Love

My days at Elephant Nature Park consist of a lot of animal time. When Navann, the park’s new baby, was born on Oct. 28, it thrilled me to no end. I get to spend time with a baby elephant! And, while I don’t get to see him too often, the times I do are pureContinue reading “Daily Wanderlust: Elephant Love”

Daily Wanderlust: Navann, the baby elephant

A few weeks ago, Elephant Nature Park welcomed a new baby boy to the herd — Navann. Of course, there will be a story coming, but for now, enjoy this adorable little guy! If you want more baby, be sure to check out this video of his first “bath.”

Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai: the day trip

The early morning rays of the sun are barely creeping through my apartment window when my alarm buzzes. Time to get up. It’s a Saturday, and I am awake at 6 a.m. for a good reason: I am going on my first journey outside of Chiang Mai. Today, I’m hopping into a Top North minivanContinue reading “Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai: the day trip”