Why are we going in circles? And other errors in sea navigation

“OK,” I breathed. “Follow my lead. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Left. Left. Left. Left. Awww, shit.” Isabelle (one of the writers on #blogtripf1 and my new and amazing friend) and I had stuck together when we arrived to the Mediterranean Sea and were greeted with an array of kayaks, boards and catamarans. And now,Continue reading “Why are we going in circles? And other errors in sea navigation”

Benidorm – the most British part of Spain

Benidorm. A city with towering hotels stacked 60 floors high above the multi-colored umbrellas lining the beaches which are packed with people. If you are familiar with Benidorm at all, then you know it is a British hotspot. Fish and chip restaurants next to fish and chips restaurants, lobster-red people roam the sidewalks, white sandsContinue reading “Benidorm – the most British part of Spain”

SHA Wellness Clinic & #blogtripf1

I was so happy to leave Morocco. Partly because being there was exhausting as a single female traveler, but mostly because I was headed to the Land of Valencia for #blogtripf1, a gathering of travel bloggers invited by Land of Valencia’s tourism department to see the sites and witness the sheer beauty of the region.Continue reading “SHA Wellness Clinic & #blogtripf1”

Affairs of the something or other

The cluster of red flowers lay wilted on the table next to the bed, a silent testament to the evening that was. I rolled over, looking at the flowers for a moment, just thinking. Then, Peter came back into the room and crawled back into bed with me, wrapping his arms around me. I didn’tContinue reading “Affairs of the something or other”

The campo in Espana

“D!!” I could her Abbey calling my name, but couldn’t see her. “D!!” I looked past the bus, across the street where a red Volkswagen van parked on a bed of gravel, and there was Abbey, waving her arms around. Ahhh … to be with a friend again! After two nights in Lagos, the secondContinue reading “The campo in Espana”

Back back back to Extremadura

Nearly six weeks after my initial trip into Extremadura, I was at it again. This time, the bus was replaced by a nice four-door sedan, and the 20 Anglos were replaced by two Spaniards — Marcos and Jesus, a friend of mine from the Monfrague VaughanTown program. Just like the first time on the bus,Continue reading “Back back back to Extremadura”

Getting pricked in Spain

I stood in the back office of the pharmacy off of Francisco Silvela, arm sleeved rolled up, fist clenched.

“No me gusto,” I said to the pharmacy technician as she prepared removed the shot from its white box.

“Si,” she said, sympathizing with me (?).

And then I felt the needle break the skin. Then, it was over.

“Gracias,” I said, smiling with relief. “Hasta luego.”

“Adios,” she responded.

I gathered my belongings and headed out the door back into the overcast Madrid day.

That was shot numero dos, Hepatitis A.

A backpacker goes shopping

I stood in Anthony’s bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror. Same jeans. Same gray T-shirt from Target with doves flying on it. Same old gray fleece. Same hiking shoes. Same, same, same! GROSS. “Anthony, I cannot stand it! I have to go and get something new. Now.” I moaned to him, throwing up myContinue reading “A backpacker goes shopping”