This Roller Coaster

This roller coaster: comparing life to the popular amusement park ride.I stand over my sheet cake from the grocery store. Clad in an oversized sweatshirt with puffy paint splattered on it in pastel colors, I move my gel-soaked (à la 80s one-hit-wonder Samantha Fox), crunchy spiral-permed hair out of my face and readjust my roller skate clad feet to maintain my balance.

Next year, I will be in the double digits, I think to myself.

At nine-years-old, I was already ready to become a grown-up. To own those double-digit numbers like the champ I knew I was.

But, at that young age, at Wheel-A-While with my elementary school friends, that grown-up life seemed a lifetime away.

I’d look at my parents, in their 30s, and think to myself: I’ll never get to that age. It’s SO. FAR. AWAY.

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When Your Travel Plans Turn into Murphy’s Law

From on issue to the next -- what happens when your travel plans turn into a real life Murphy's Law
“If anything can go wrong — it will.”

The best laid plans.

Today, we’re time traveling to late January of this year. I’m in Madrid and I decide that it shall be my new home.

It’s really easy to get a student visa here,” my friend explains to me.

Seeing as Spain was always tops on my list for a country to plant some roots in, I immediately begin researching the process of getting a student visa for Spain as an American. Let me tell you: it’s a royal pain in the ass.

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Let’s Get Lost

Let's get lost
“What do you want to do now?” he asks as we stand in the parking lot of the foot massage spa somewhere in the Valley.

“I don’t care,” I respond. Because, really, I don’t. All that matters is that I am spending time with my friend in his home.

We stand there, in the early summer evening, wondering what to do. We’d already been biking in Santa Monica, wandered around the impressive Fairfax Flea Market …

“We could go on a drive and just get lost,” I suggest.

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Adventures in Biking from Santa Monica to Venice Beach

Biking in LA
It’s a little green monster, that bike in front of me.

“Where’s the brake?” I ask, scanning the handlebars for the metal clutch to prevent me from bashing into people, or giving me the ability to slow down.

“You back pedal,” the man says, tossing me a look of ‘you’ve got to be kidding me, lady.’

I stand there, surveying the bicycle as my friends begin to climb on their own set of two wheels.

It’s only been two weeks since I re-learned how to ride a bike, and the biking I have done has been through the rural roads in Delaware, not bustling California beach cities. For nearly 15 years, I’ve had a fear of bikes. A  totally rational feel, I assure you.

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Five years later

five years laterMarch 7, 2010 I boarded a flight to London. It wasn’t a city I loved, but it was where I was going to start my career break. Five years later, it is the place I sit and write this post from. Trust me when I write this: A lot can change in five years.

In these past five years, I have seen more, experienced more, loved more, hurt more and lived more than I could have imagined possible.

Why did I take the leap?

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Daily Wanderlust: the glitz of Fremont Street in Vegas

The now burgeoning Downtown Las Vegas has always been a favorite spot of mine. Throughout my time in Sin City, I have spent many a night (and day) hanging in a place where old clashes with new, young clash with old, in the most colorful of ways.

One thing I never get tired of? The neon lights of Fremont Street. While the rest of Vegas opts for less flashy, I love the tacky, bright way Old Vegas sticks in my mind … well after my life in Vegas has wrapped.

Fremont Street in Las Vegas


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