Some place with a view

I sat in the back of Brock’s SUV, looking out into the nighttime desert landscape … flat and black, giving way to the Strip a few miles ahead of us. It had been an emotional six days in Las Vegas. I had arrived days earlier and spent my first night with Kyla, showing her photosContinue reading “Some place with a view”

That familiar feeling

Las Vegas. I have had a love/hate relationship with Sin City since I moved there in 2005. Back then, I was a scared mid-20s girl, trying to gracefully exit a number of things: a destructive relationship, a crap job, living with my parents (thank you, Mom and Dad, I love you), as well as tryingContinue reading “That familiar feeling”

Adjusting to American life

“D, what’s wrong? You don’t look too good,” Mom said to me as we sat at the kitchen table following dinner a few days after my arrival. She was right. I wasn’t good. I was far from it. The day before, my mom, dad and I drove up to Pennsylvania so I could say “goodbye”Continue reading “Adjusting to American life”

The toils of re-entry

I clutched my navy blue American passport in my hand, along with my customs declaration, as the United flight I was on braked hard as the wheels hit the runway. America. My heart began to race. Even faster than it had raced the entire 10 hour flight back to Washington, DC from Frankfurt. I hadn’t slept onContinue reading “The toils of re-entry”