Daily Wanderlust: Snow in the Mid-Atlantic

Today is Christmas … and I’m knee-deep in sunshine. The complete opposite of what I am used to having grown up in the sometimes blustery and freezing Maryland. In fact, even when I was living in Las Vegas, there were times during the winter when a thick coat was necessary.

Well, that is most definitely not the case in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming. The skies are bright blue. Yeah … it’s pretty amazing … and it feels nothing like winter.

Today’s Daily Wanderlust is a reminder of what I could be having … if I lived in a place where winter existed.

Remember the epic winter storm that shut down the Mid-Atlantic region back in 2010 and dumped feet and feet of snow? I do! It looked like this.

And … HAPPY HOLIDAYS! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it is a white one!

Snow in Maryland

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