Daily Wanderlust: The London Eye

With everyone having Olympic Fever, I figured I’d open up the dusty photo album of London today and take a stroll down memory lane.

Travel back in time with me … there I was, fresh-faced, eyes wide open, wandering the streets of London during my first few days of long-term travel way back in March 2010 (which seems like a lifetime ago given that I am now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand).

I remember taking in the novelty of the cards driving down the “wrong side” of the road … the fish and chips and toads in the hole and the Tube. And of course, the gorgeous wheel of the London Eye.

Do I love London? No. It’s expensive. It reminds me a lot of Washington, DC, minus the accents and the way hipper fashion. But, it truly is a spectacular city to vista, filled with beautiful sights like this one.

 A view of the London Eye

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5 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: The London Eye

  1. That photo looks like it was taken decades ago so the view of the London Eye behind it looks.. well “odd”.

    I agree, London is a great city but boy it is expensive. That’s why so many people who work there commute in each day. The living costs are just TOO high but probably not unlike any other city.

    Great for a weekend away, but I wouldn’t want to live there.


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