Daily Wanderlust: Elephants!

Apologies for the slacking of the “Daily Wanderlust” for a bit. I’ve been adjusting to life as an expat in Chiang Mai, so it’s been hard to keep these coming at the same rate I was.

To prepare you for what upcoming posts can include, wanted to go ahead and toss this little photo out.

It was taken at Elephant Nature Park the other day … while I was working. Yeah, my job pretty much rocks. This is a photo of two elephants, best friends, and one of their mahouts.

A mahout looks over two elephants at Elephant Nature Park

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13 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Elephants!

  1. I cannot believe this is your job now! So ridiculously cool. I would love to do any kind of job working with animals, just because they are so much nicer to work with than bitchy, competitive people and they truly do give back love. I also find myself feeling so much calmer and appreciate life more when I’m around animals – may sound corny, but it’s true!


    1. Well … my job isn’t really working WITH the elephants, but I get to see them, pet them, love them and spend time with them pretty regularly. I am working with Save Elephant Foundation helping out with PR, social media and writing. And, you are right, it is much nicer working with animals than people. Although, I think Lek, who runs the foundation, is one of the most remarkable and amazing people I have ever known. Definitely makes what I am doing worth it.


  2. I will be in Chaing Mai for a month in October and will be volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park. I fell in love with the Elephants when I visited in April. Can’t wait to feed, bathe and just hang with these adorably amazing creatures.


  3. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t looked hard enough but I would love to read stories about the mahouts and if they feel called to their roles or if it’s just a job to them.


  4. WOW! Can’t believe you are actually working there. That is amazing. I love elephants.. so much. I did the mahout camp at the Thai Elephant Sanctuary in Lampang when I was in Thailand. I’d really like to go back soon!


    1. It is an amazing thing to spend time with the elephants somewhat regularly! If you come back, spend time at Elephant Nature Park. We don’t use bull hooks and the elephants are able to be free.


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