Daily Wanderlust: Dublin’s Guinness Factory

I realize just in writing this how entirely lucky I am: I spent St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland in 2010.

Damn. Lucky.

However, while I was lucky to be there, I did have one tiny problem during my five days in this charming country (Dublin and Galway). My liver hated me. Despised me. Was ready to fall out of my body, shrivel up and die.

I attribute this to the copious amount of drinking I did with fellow blogger, Abbey, and her friends. Between a raging first night in Temple Bar to being one of the official whisky tasters at Jameson, to the Guinness tour and the perfect pint, to the random drinking thanks to being a stubborn Irish lock on St. Patrick’s Day Eve to the grand daddy of them all,  St. Patrick’s Day, by the time I left Ireland, I didn’t think I could drink ever again. That lasted about 22 hours.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Dublin’s Guinness Factory

  1. Alcohol is rather expensive in Ireland. We’re doing our “austerity program” and taxing the heck out of everything. 50% of the price of gasoline is taxes, the VAT (value-added-tax is basically sales-tax) is 23%, and alcohol is taxed at approximately €39.25 per litre of alcohol in a bottle of spirits. Let me explain that last part… if 700 ml of 80 proof whiskey means there are 280 ml of actual alcohol in there. That works out to be about 10.90 euro of tax per bottle. I don’t really know how anybody can afford to drink here. A 750 ml bottle of Jameson whiskey costs 19 dollars in America, and 25 euro in Ireland (for a smaller 700 ml bottle).


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