Daily Wanderlust: Sarajevo’s Olympic Stairs

What was once a glorious staircase, lined with tea shops and vendors, today sits in ruins on a Sarajevo hillside.

An entire lifetime of pain, suffering and redemption plays out on these crumbling stairs which were a part of the 1984 Olympics. They’ve witnessed the town being surrounded, the horrors of genocide, the beauty of growth.

The City of Roses, despite its tragic history, has overcome so much.

I love these stairs as much as I love Sarajevo.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: Sarajevo’s Olympic Stairs

    1. I only noticed them because the hostel I stayed at was up those crumbling stairs! Otherwise, never would have even come across them. I cannot say enough good things about Sarajevo!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I went to Bosnia several years ago, visiting my “niece” and my dear friend in Sarajevo. What I couldn’t get over was the complete distruction of what was an Olympic city, and the bullet holes and shelling damage on many of the buildings. I also visited Mostar, and several other places — and had notable adventures, including white water rafting. Amazing.


    1. Bosnia is one of my most favorite places in the world. Such a mix of past and present, tragedy and triumph. I am glad you enjoyed your time there!


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