Daily Wanderlust: clean clothes in Split

It took me an instant to fall in love with Split. And even less time to realize my traveling days were in front of me, not in the past (thanks to a certain person who provided instantaneous enlightenment).

Nearly one year after I left Split, I found myself back in this seaside town, life entirely different. The first thing I did was track down the person who changed my life — I had to tell him “thank you.”

The second thing I did? Sit back, smile and relish in the beauty of the moment, the beauty of the town (including the laundry hanging from the ancient windows), and the beauty of travel.

Published by dtravelsround

Awakening the soul while traveling ... a story of being on the cusp of adulthood.

4 thoughts on “Daily Wanderlust: clean clothes in Split

    1. Oh, Split is one of my favorite cities in the world. I know plenty of people who are not impressed with it, but for me, the memories I have there and the part it played in my life, make it so spectacular.


  1. This shot makes me remember when I was in a small village in Sicily in Italy. There old women used to hankd laundry from the windows! It’s seemed to be back in time!


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