1. I was in Brasov in 1998 and remember feeling I’d been transported to the Alps of 100 years ago. Loved the place. Thanks for bringing it back for a few minutes 🙂

    Also, what a great capture; perfect timing.


  2. Great thought starter Diana. I too came to brasov for a life change, but i stayed. I had a dream job designing gorgeous british sprtscars, living in Shakespeares town, but was bored with the rat race & merrygoround that has become british culture (work, tesco, soap opera, news on terror, stop, repeat forever) & i threw my towel in to completely start a new life in Brasov. After 4 & half years, I still love it & it slowly gets better by the year. Big changes have been made since your picture was taken, in restoration, infrastructure etc & thankfully, unlike my homeland, no decline in social order, respect, crime etc. Every time i visit the uk each month, the news is full of a teenage stabbing, ‘supposed’ terrorost attack or other horible crime. Romania the only country i can recall, of 59 travelled to, where everyone says hello, good bye, good apetite, good days work, success etc at every point where it is appropriate. You could be in a shop, office,mthe street, outside a club etc & passers by will always say those things. Its their way of showing respect, which is the country’s greatest jewel & what holds society together. Not all cities are so attractive to visit though. Brasov is amoung the few.


    1. I absolutely understand your boredom with your culture. I felt the same way, which is why I quit my job in the career of my dreams, to travel and get a hold of myself. While I came back to America, it was apparent my life and desires didn’t fit into that mold anymore. Romania was one of the countries I would return to. Particularly Brasov. The people were so welcoming, the towns I stopped in were beautiful. I’m glad you’ve found a home in Transylvania!


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