Daily Wanderlust: Yala National Park

Editor’s Note: While I am preparing to leave Las Vegas, embark on an epic cross-country road trip exploring America and relocate to Thailand to become an expat, I have opened my blog to special guest posts from travel bloggers I love. This is a guest post written by Sebastian¬†Canaves-B√∂rner.

Yala National Park is one of the biggest National Parks in Sri Lanka and famous for its wild leopard population.

Between two game drives we relaxed over lunch at the camp and sat by the river waiting for some wild animals to come for a swim, to drink or simply cross the river.

No animals were in sight, but it was good to put the feet in the water with the sun shining on your head.

The very next day two elephants crossed the river at that exact place where we were sitting the day before. It was an amazing sight!

During our time at Yala National Park we saw 6 wild leopards, 11 wild elephants and several crocodiles, water buffalos and beautiful birds. An amazing experience so see all these wild animals in a very short time!

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka


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