A bit of Croatia in London

I nearly peed my pants on the way to Shaun’s flat. No, really, I nearly peed my pants. After having two rather large glasses of Peroni with Tim, I headed back to the tube. I was half way into Bank’s massive station when it hit me how urgently I needed to use the loo. “Sorry,” I saidContinue reading “A bit of Croatia in London”

Really, I’m a planner.

The last time I had traveled alone I ended up in Venice twice. I had met two Aussies and clicked with them, and they were going there and invited me. It sounded like a good plan, so I tagged along with them there and to Verona. One split from us at that point and headed skiing in the Alps. The other and I ventured to a little chalet in Gryon, nestled in the majestic Swiss Alps, on the suggestion of another traveler. Had I been rigid and planned out, I would not have had that experience. So, being plan-free is the best way to be. Traveling is one of the few times I just let myself go with the flow and not stress about where I am or where I am going.