“See you soon,” the Split version

“Katie,” I mumbled, waking up from my semi-drunken slumber the next morning, “what the hell happened to David?” Katie looked at me from her bunk. “What?” “He never came back to the bar last night. I hope he’s ok,” I said, images of him laying in one of the narrow UNESCO alleys of Split beingContinue reading ““See you soon,” the Split version”

Backpacker shenanigans

Katie, David and I walked together back through the old city of Split after hugging Danica goodbye. Rain clouds had begun to make their way from the mountains to the coast, rolling in slowly and ominously. We hadn’t made any reservations for hostels, so we just started dropping in to places. Our first stop wasContinue reading “Backpacker shenanigans”

The woman who stole my heart

Danica Listes. I NEVER use people’s full names when writing in order to protect their privacy. However, this woman is the rare exception. I want people to know about her. Who she is. Where she is. And then, I want people to go to Solta, Croatia and stay at her apartment in Stomroska, her littleContinue reading “The woman who stole my heart”

Living in technicolor

Growing up, I loved to watch “The Wizard of Oz.” Not just because of the story, but because of the colors. Each hue popped from the screen to my eyes, creating a world of colors that nearly existed in real life. Then, I went to Solta, Croatia. After an amazing night in Split, Katie andContinue reading “Living in technicolor”

Traveling the world to say “thank you”

There are some nights you can’t sleep because you are so excited for what the next day holds. Every night of my trip, that was my story. But, my last night in Brela, it stood true even more than usual. The next morning, Katie, David and I were boarding a bus up the coast toContinue reading “Traveling the world to say “thank you””