Escape of the Week: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai was my first experience in Southeast Asia, and one I will always remember for countless reasons. It’s the city where Katie surprised me with an early visit, forcing me to power through my jet lag. The city which was my home base after a week with the elephants at Elephant Nature Park. And,Continue reading “Escape of the Week: Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Save the reefs: A volunteer opportunity in Koh Tao, Thailand

Coral reefs around the world are the most beautiful eco-systems that you can imagine. From the obvious Great Barrier Reef, Australia to the little known Abul Thama, Bahrain, the colours and wildlife can captivate the first time diver. But it is important to understand the impact tourism has on these delicate areas. And, the roleContinue reading “Save the reefs: A volunteer opportunity in Koh Tao, Thailand”

Cultural Tips for Thailand

“Chang, Chang, Chang,” we all sing, our shoulders tucked into our noses and our one arm hanging to depict an elephant trunk. It’s nighttime, and Jack and Chai have called us up to the conference room to teach us about Thai culture and the Thai language. The first thing that sticks in my head? ElephantContinue reading “Cultural Tips for Thailand”

The Thailand Foodgasm: The ultimate Thai buffet

The lunch bell rings at Elephant Nature Park at noon. Had we really already been there a few hours? The time so far has flown by. And, while I love that the experiences were that supremely amazing thus far, I don’t want the week to fly by. I want to savor every single moment and feelContinue reading “The Thailand Foodgasm: The ultimate Thai buffet”

‘Twas the night before Thailand

I should be sleeping. Or, at least getting ready to go to sleep. I’m tired. I can feel how tired I am. I’ve been tired for days. I’ve been depriving myself of sleep. Not on purpose. It’s just … it’s been almost a year since I have been anywhere … and, something inside of meContinue reading “‘Twas the night before Thailand”

Why I’m traveling to Thailand

“D,” my Dad said to me as I drove down Las Vegas Blvd. back in late February. “Where are you thinking of going to visit next?” “I don’t know, Dad,” I said. And, that was the truth. I had no idea. For as long as I had been back in America, I hadn’t really thoughtContinue reading “Why I’m traveling to Thailand”

D Travels ‘Round

I’m Diana Edelman and you’ve landed at d travels ’round. Welcome to my world of travel that has taken me from long-term solo travel to working with an elephant rescue organization and living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to being a digital nomad in Europe, to returning to Las Vegas … and all of the adventuresContinue reading “D Travels ‘Round”

This fucking pandemic

On perhaps the most perfect night of the year, I arrive to Jess’s house. It’s early evening, which means in the spring, it’s still light outside. The winter in Las Vegas has come and gone. I powered through it fighting the temptation to call it a day when the sun sunk behind the Spring MountainsContinue reading “This fucking pandemic”